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P 02-Pi
P 02-Pi
Additional options
  • 100V Option
  • RAL Color Option  (Standard color: Aluminum RAL 9006)

Churches, Mosque, Museum, Live Sound, Train stations, Airports, Sports grounds, Conference rooms, Auditorium, Shopping center, A/V Installations, Sport halls, Hotels, Court rooms, Universities, Exhibition centers, Bank buildings, Aviation

The Pan Speaker P 02-Pi is a passive speaker mounted in an attractive compact design which is suitable for speech and music applications. The loudspeaker is equipped with two 3,5" low frequency drivers and a 0,5" voice coil driver content in a closed aluminum housing. The housing can be delivered in all RAL colors on customer's request. The chassis are protected against external influences by a perforated metal sheet. There is a two-pin plug connection at the back of the P 02-Pi. At the back and sides of the P 02-Pi there are nuts with adjustable slot nuts which enable wall mounts and brackets. The P 02-Pi can be used individually or in combination with the P S-208 Subwoofer.



High efficiency, integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in the most adverse acoustic environ- ments, sleek and unobtrusive design

For the Pan Speaker series there is a wide range of moun- ting accessories for fixed installations and mobile applications. 

All Pan Speakers are developed, designed and manufac- tured by Pan Acoustics which uses high quality materials according to the stringent criteria.


Pan Speaker

Applications | Pan Speaker Family

The aim was to create a passive series with maximum speech intelligibility and music reproduction in an attractive design. This is how the Pan Speaker came into being. It is characterized by simple handily, easy set-up and provides an excellent sound not only for more demanding environment applications.

The Pan Speaker Products are defined by:

  • Perfect design
  • Powerful two-ways-system full range
  • Maximum intelligibility of speech and music reproduction
  • Flexible and accurate alignment
  • (Through a variety of mounting options)
  • Flexibility throughout modularity and cascadability (their ability being cascadable)
  • Light weight
  • System integration in accordance with EN 60849
  • 100 V transformer option
  • Weather resistant aluminum housing
  • Color according to customer requirements (optional)

For all Pan Speaker models there are available presets for LAB group and PLM amplifiers. Alternatively all other models can be operated with others DSP amplifiers, or DSP-controlled amplifiers.


Outdoor sound reinforcement, theatre, railway stations, bars, clubs, cabarets, corporate events, airports, conference rooms, halls, museums, parliaments, sport facilities, speech applications, etc.


Pan Speaker Product Family

The Pan Speaker product family is available in several versions. Each family member is different because of its physical characteristics. These characteristics make them suitable for specific installations.

The smallest models from the Pan Speaker series are P 01 – Pi and P 02-Pi which is suitable for small spaces and as complement to existing installations.

The Pan Speaker P 04-Pi is the right solution for small sound reinforcement in difficult acoustic environments.

The Pan Speaker P 08-Pi may already cover larger areas with more sound pressure and guarantees a high frequency range even at the lower frequency ranges.

The Pan Speaker P 8-15 Pi is the right choice for high performance in speech intelligibility and when it comes to acoustics, to provide large areas with a perfect, homogeneously sound.

Pan Speaker models P 04-Pi, P 08-Pi and P 8-15 Pi are also available in rental version.

The PS-208 completes the spectrum of the pan Speaker – in musicality. Even at high levels, a homogeneous sound is mapped accurately at low frequencies.