Pan Acoustics

Pan Acoustics now offers active speakers with Dante and PoE functionality

New products in the Pan Beam series with beam steering technology offer maximum speed and great flexibility

Here is the latest development from the creative minds at the German speaker manufacturer Pan Acoustics: as of this year, the Pan Beam PB 04-Dante and PB 08-Dante models also offer PoE functionality. The new power supply feature, Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers many advantages.

First, the user of the sleek Pan Beam PB 04 or 08-Dante | PoE arrays enjoys all the advantages of being connected to a Dante network: up to 64 parallel high-quality audio channels are available through the audio network, i.e. up to 64 different audio signals can be transmitted simultaneously. This is a tremendous asset in scenarios where the user wishes to broadcast certain music in one area and make variable announcements in others, e.g. at exhibitions, in multiuse facilities or conference rooms.

In the Dante system, all these options are already available, which eliminates the need to tediously create an external matrix!

Download data sheet Pan Beam PB 04-D and PB 04-D | PoE
Download data sheet Pan Beam PB 08-D and Pan Beam PB 08-D | PoE

Flexible installation through PoE

And now the particularly charming part: the PoE function of the Dante-capable Pan Beam speakers makes installation easier and more flexible as ever before. All you need is a CAT cable which transmits the Dante signals and at the same time provides power to the speaker. Instead of retrofitting expensive and complicated electrical lines, only a network cable needs to be laid - to the extent it doesn't already exist. In addition, a switch with PoE functionality or an injector is needed - that's it!

This saves you money and often avoids nerve-racking situations. It means that historic preservation is no longer an issue, and modern buildings can become even more state-of-the-art; in no time, cutting-edge devices such as microphones, recording devices, mixing consoles or similar equipment can be integrated into the digital audio network as needed.


An idea similar to Pan Acoustics' Pan Powerline

With this solution, Pan Acoustics has revisited an old idea: the active Pan Beam arrays with Dante and PoE function work according to a principle similar to the Pan Powerline technology already developed by Pan Acoustics, which transmits audio and control data and also provides the power supply over only two wires. If no digital network is available and or none can be retrofitted, Pan Powerline is your solution! These speakers are mainly used in churches. It sounds unbelievable, but in fact, only a doorbell wire is needed to integrate the active Pan Beam PPL speakers (for Powerline) into the existing system.

Learn more about Pan Powerline here.