Pan Acoustics


Many of our Pan Beam products have been successful and reliable for more than 15 years both in indoor and outdoor applications, nationally and internationally. The Pan Beam series is the first choice for demanding room acoustics.

Together with our contracting entity and on request, we develop special designs and solutions. And we use all components required by the customers’ desires, because we are taking our job very seriously.

Some of the places where Pan Beam products have been installed:

Salt-waterproof loudspeakers on cruise ship "Mein Schiff 2"

Outdoor installation


To ensure a high quality speech transmission on the cruise ship "Mein Schiff 2", the operator decided to install salt-waterproof digital steerable loudspeakers to guarantee announcements only where they are needed. After testing several different systems the final decision was made for the Pan Beam series of Pan Acoustics, the model Pan Beam PB04-SW has been chosen.

Based on the high quality standards for this use, Pan Acoustics especially designed the PB04-SW salt-waterproof systems. The first systems were installed at the swimming pool deck in November 2013.