Pan Acoustics


Many of our Pan Beam products have been successful and reliable for more than 15 years both in indoor and outdoor applications, nationally and internationally. The Pan Beam series is the first choice for demanding room acoustics.

Together with our contracting entity and on request, we develop special designs and solutions. And we use all components required by the customers’ desires, because we are taking our job very seriously.

Some of the places where Pan Beam products have been installed:

Pan Beam at James Simon Gallery in Berlin

Sound columns from Pan Acoustics ensure speech intelligibility in the new entrance building and visitor centre of Museum Island Berlin

Officially opened on the 12th of July: the new entrance building and visitor centre of Museum Island Berlin, also known as the James Simon Gallery, named after the most famous patron of the State-Museum of Berlin.

The transformation of the new entrance building and visitor centre of Museum Island Berlin took some time but now it is finished. In the future, visitors to the museum complex will be welcomed there and equipped with admission tickets to access to the Pergamon- and the New Museum. In addition to a restaurant/ café, the James Simon Gallery has a 650-square-meter space for special exhibitions and an invitingly designed auditorium.

From a room acoustic perspective, the architecture of the new entrance hall brings some challenges. To assure announcements, especially in case of emergency, can be easily understood everywhere in the large building, David Chipperfield Architects, in cooperation with the company Bosch Security Systems Berlin, decided for active, digitally controllable column loudspeakers of Pan Acoustics.

In addition to the good sound, which is not only suitable for voice announcements but also for music reproduction, the architects were very pleased, especially by the slim and unobtrusive design of the loudspeakers. The geometric shape, the filigree production and the colour of the loudspeakers were adapted and harmonised perfectly to the furnishings at the James Simon Gallery.

In the project, the loudspeaker models PB 08, PB 16 and PB 24 of the Pan Beam series were installed. Equipped with two 100 V inputs, including redundancy, the integration into the voice alarm system, was easily possible and valid to the technically specifications.