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Many of our Pan Beam products have been successful and reliable for more than 15 years both in indoor and outdoor applications, nationally and internationally. The Pan Beam series is the first choice for demanding room acoustics.

Together with our contracting entity and on request, we develop special designs and solutions. And we use all components required by the customers’ desires, because we are taking our job very seriously.

Some of the places where Pan Beam products have been installed:

Pan Beam in Al Hijra Mosque, Leiden

Pan Acoustics' Sound System in newly opened Al Hijra Mosque, Leiden, Netherlands

As of 2014, a new building was built in Leiden for the Muslim community of Al Hijra. A modern and comfortably sized building of 2500 square meters now offers plenty of space for prayer, teaching and conference rooms as well as a library.

The challenge
In the course of this new building also the sound system was modernized. The challenge was to create consistently high-quality sound throughout the mosque, whether in the large prayer room for men, whether they pray standing or kneeling, or on the gallery, the prayer area for women. Also, it should not matter how far you are in prayer from the mihrab.

The solution
Pan Acoustics is known worldwide for installations in various mosques. Together with the Dutch exclusive distributor Tau Audio Solutions, the following solution was found for this challenge: Tau planned in the project with two line columns of the model PB 16 from the Pan Beam series, which were installed in the 35 meter deep prayer room left and right next to the mihrab. Thanks to the Beam Steering technology, the sound distribution is set via the DSP control inside the 1.80 meter Pan Beam loudspeakers so that the prayer is optimally understood in all required places.

In addition, two PB 04 loudspeakers were installed in the right and left corner of the room and a white PB 04 for the Imam as a monitor inside the mihrab. In the women's prayer area, Star Telecom from Leiden, which took care of the electrical installation and wiring, placed three PB 04. Via the network hub, the Pan Splitter 4/4, developed and designed by Pan Acoustics, different presets have been defined so that each group of loudspeakers can be controlled separately as needed.

Al Hijra is very pleased with the operation of the Pan Acoustics sound system and the collaboration with Tau Audio and Star Telecom. "Tau Audio gave us a very good service and there was a good contact with us during the preparation and installation," said Nazid Serray, responsible for the technical installation at the Mosque. More information about the Tau Audio project can be found here.

Installed Pan Acoustics products: 2 x PB 16, 6 x PB 04, Network Hub Pan Splitter 4/4
Location: Al Hijra Mosque, Leiden, The Netherlands
Special feature: Large prayer room with a depth of 35 m and a dome roof
Pan Acoustics Distributor: Tau Audio Solutions, Groningen, The Netherlands