Pan Acoustics


Many of our Pan Beam products have been successful and reliable for more than 15 years both in indoor and outdoor applications, nationally and internationally. The Pan Beam series is the first choice for demanding room acoustics.

Together with our contracting entity and on request, we develop special designs and solutions. And we use all components required by the customers’ desires, because we are taking our job very seriously.

Some of the places where Pan Beam products have been installed:

Audi-Pavilion equipped with sound system by Pan Acoustics



Wolfsburg / Autostadt, Deutschland

It´s all about design and dynamic in the Audi Pavillion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. The so-called "Audi Sphere", an "interaction ball, allows the visitor to get involved into the exhibition. Thus, not only exhibits can be activated, but also the colour of light changes with the guests on their way through the pavillion.The passive loudspeakers are well integrated in the concept, being installed next to and rearward to a 3 x 3 meter seamless video wall. In front of the wall, where presentations and concept studies are shown, stands the latest model from Audi. "We chose Pan Acoustics products because their visually appealing, narrow design and the good sound characteristics match the pavillion and the requirements of the project", explains Christoph Naumann from the systemintegrator "Profi Musik" from Lüneburg, who were responsible for the installation. With two column speakers P08 from the Pan Speaker Range, nearly invisibly installed in a niche next to the screen, Naumann added a subwoofer PS 208 behind. " We completed the installation with 2 Lab.Gruppen IPD amplifiers" Naumann completes.In order to display the exhibits and the interactive zones stilishly the area itself is quite dark. The displayed car and the seamless videowall form the highlight of the exhibition. "The sound system is not only designd for backgound music, if required it can provide a massive sound." referred Markus Portworsnick, National Sales & Project Manager from Pan Acoustics, who supported the project. "In this way, the interaction of visual content and great sound can create great emotions."