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Nomination for the Foreign Trade Award 2017

Pan Acoustics is one of the most successful export companies in Lower Saxony. The manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and audio electronics was nominated for the Foreign Trade Award of Lower Saxony for its successful work.

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Pan Acoustics succeeds a sensation!

Audio Beaming in the stratosphere achieves due to natural reflections acoustical
range extension

The audio specialists from Wolfenbüttel/Germany have managed a clou: Especially in the evening when red light dominates in the colour spectrum of the sundown a certain audio modulation with the sunlight achieves a huge range extension of sound molecules.

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Chamber of Industry and Commerce Story May 2014

80 per cent of customers come on recom-mendation. This displays a significant confidence in our products and brand. Pan Acoustics is a company, that manu-factures loudspeaker systems and that's able to take advantage of its exceptionally strong innovative drive. Pan Acoustics was founded by Udo Borgmann and has it's headquarter in Wolfenbüttel. "Reliability is the most important concept for us". Udo Borgmann makes it clear in an open and pleasant interview. The award for the Foreign Trade Prize of Lower Saxony shows, the diversity and variety of its products and markets.

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Chamber of Industry and Commerce Story November 2012 - Award for technology award

Worldwide unique project: simulation of engine noise through speakers system

Acoustic research program aimed to improve the experience of airline passengers by examining noise transmission on aircraft, was till now very costly because this could only take place during a flight. Through a unique mulit-channel sound system, it's now possible to simulate the authentic noise of a turbine on the ground. Udo Borgmann, who is the founder and chairman of Pan Acoustics, received an waward of 10.000 Euros for this project form the Camber of Industry an Commerce Braunschweig (CIC) on November 9th. "This is the first time that an entrepreneur has been awarded such a technology tranfer award" said (The) CIC-President Dr. Wolf-Michael Schmid. He also pointed out that the new technology will be used by the German Centre for Aviation and Astronoutics (DLR), which is also a business partner fo the aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

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